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Go Green for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

10 Mar Go Green for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

Environmentally-Friendly Rincon Wedding Ideas

eco-friendly puerto rico wedding ideas

Using recycled papers for your invitations is one small way to start 'going green'

So we know that lime green can be a hot wedding color, but for this post we’re talking Green, not green, if you know what I mean. :) That is, planning a green wedding that is environmentally friendly in any color. There are many easy choices you can make to create a beautiful wedding in Puerto Rico that still keeps our environment in mind. Being ‘green’ doesn’t mean that you have to give all of your guests hemp necklace or serve a vegan menu – being green for your Rincon wedding can be as simple as using locally grown island flowers for your decor and bouquet, rather than importing flowers that are difficult to find.

While we’re talking flowers – using the natural beauty of Puerto Rico is one of the easiest ways to start off with an earth-friendly wedding. Local tropical flowers that are grown on-island include beautiful heliconias, birds of paradise, hibiscus, bouganvilla, torch gingers and more. You can create stunning centerpieces with these durable flowers and most of these won’t wilt in the heat (when you import delicate flowers they often can’t withstand our hot, humid climate and you end up with a bouquet of wilted begonias). Using local flowers also keeps the cost down because you’re not paying for shipping to the island. Personally, I also love it when brides use the amazing palm leaves, elephant ear leaves and other green fronds in their decor. These make such an impact and they are everywhere on our island!

Check out some ideas of incorporating locally grown tropical flowers for your centerpieces or wedding ceremony decor.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invites for Puerto Rico

Another biggie when you are trying to plan an eco-friendly Puerto Rico wedding would be to be mindful of the kind of paper you use for your invitations and other wedding announcements. Try to use partially or 100% recycled papers and think about skipping some of the ‘extras’ when it comes to printing (that’s an easy way to cut down budgets as well) — maybe you don’t really need the programs or the menus (or maybe you DO, in which case go recycled). Many brides these days are skipping the mailed invite entirely in leiu of a wedding website or evite. It may or may not be your style, but there are lots of options out there!

Some other ‘green’ wedding ideas include:
* use a local artisan to make your wedding favors (support buying local rather than en masse)

*encourage your guests to donate to an environmentally friendly non-profit in lieu of gifts

*bags of seeds or bulbs make great wedding favors and encourage guests to plant and grow in their gardens when they get home

*investigate alternatives to gold or diamonds for your wedding bands

*find a gown on a consignment wedding gown website or wear one that has been handed down

*donate your gown after the big day to a charitable organization

*use locally grown, organic or free range foods for your ceremony

*think about a ‘service-moon’ a honeymoon where you donate time to a service organization to help build schools or reforest high impact areas

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