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Releasing Chinese Sky Lanterns During Your Beach Wedding

17 Jan Releasing Chinese Sky Lanterns During Your Beach Wedding

puerto rico wedding plannerEvery bride wants her wedding to be memorable, and one way to achieve that wow-factor during your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding is to incorporate Chinese sky lanterns into the ceremony or reception. Not only do these lanterns create a beautiful effect when they are released into the night sky all at once, but they also have an important meaning that dates back thousands of years. Sky lanterns, also known as wish lanterns, have long been used during Asian festivals and Chinese New Year celebrations, where they were traditionally released into the sky as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Today, many brides and grooms choose to set aside a portion of their ceremony or reception where they and their guests can release wish lanterns into the sky as a symbol of their new union.

Make Your Guests “Ohh” and “Ahh”

Sky lanterns are one of those things that are really easy to incorporate into your destination wedding, and will also create a lasting memory for you and your guests. The wish lanterns are a great idea for beach weddings in particular, because the lanterns can float out over the water unobstructed and create a really beautiful image that you’ll treasure for years after your wedding. Whether you have ten lanterns or 100, seeing them glowing and floating away into the sky and beyond is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly meaningful at the same time. In fact, some brides choose to write wishes or dreams on the lanterns before releasing them into the sky, which makes the tradition even more personal.

Are Sky Lanterns Safe?

The main concern about releasing sky lanterns during a beach wedding is that the lanterns could unexpectedly change course and get stuck in a tree or collide with something else, which could create a serious fire hazard. For this reason, it is extremely important that you use caution when releasing wish lanterns during your beach wedding in Puerto Rico, and that you check with your venue and the local fire department to make sure sky lanterns are permitted. Another concern is that the sky lanterns become litter when they run out of fuel and eventually land back on the ground. Fortunately, there are many vendors who now sell sky lanterns that are 100% biodegradable and come in a variety of flame-resistant materials.

When & Where Should They Be Released?

While the flame is lit, wish lanterns can fly into the air for up to 20 minutes, traveling several miles in distance and up to 1,000 feet in altitude before the flame goes out and the lantern floats safely back to the ground. Because they can travel such long distances, sky lanterns should always be released outdoors in a clear and wide open space without any overhead obstructions like trees, power lines or buildings. To maximize the visibility and enjoyment of a sky lantern release, the launch should take place on a clear night with little or no wind. To determine the best place and time to launch the lanterns at your wedding, it may be best to talk with your Rincon PR wedding planner. Good luck and enjoy your wedding sky lantern release!

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