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Rincon PR Beach Weddings

27 Jan Rincon PR Beach Weddings

Puerto Rico Beach Wedding Decorations

This is a new picture that we just got back from a wedding hosted on the beach in Rincon Puerto Rico. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just love this image and I think it captures the spirit of a beach wedding in the Caribbean. With the wind blowing through the delicate ribbons, you can just tell that it was a magical and beautiful moment.

puerto rico beach wedding

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Beach wedding decorations for a wedding in Puerto Rico, or anywhere else in the Caribbean for that matter, have to be simple and elegant and compliment the natural surroundings. As you can tell by this pic, the WIND is a big consideration for anything that you are going to be doing on the beach. The best way to decorate is to pick things that will work WITH the elements rather than against them. Fans, ribbons, kites, bubbles, anything flexible that is actually enhanced by the wind and the waves is great. If you try to tie a perfect flower arrangement on every chair, they might just not make it through the whole ceremony. Be prepared that your hair might get a little messy, and that the weather can change at the blink of an eye. But, what am I saying?! Odds are, if you’re the kind of bride that wants to get married on the beach, you’re already aware of all of that and ready for the challenge!


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