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5 Simple Tips for Planning an Amazing Bridal Shower

13 May 5 Simple Tips for Planning an Amazing Bridal Shower

rincon pr weddingBrides may have the hardest job planning a wedding, especially when it comes to destination weddings at far-off locales like Rincon Puerto Rico, but throwing a bridal shower isn”t always easy either. Bridal showers are usually planned and hosted by the maid of honor, a close family member or friend, and can either be a big hit or major flop depending on the choices you make when it comes to the menu, decorations and games. The following are five simple tips for planning the perfect bridal shower and giving the bride another great memory to share with the people she loves.

Choose a fun and creative theme.

Has the bride always dreamed of visiting New York? Does she have an obsession with retro kitchen decorations or elegant tea parties? Use the things you know about the guest of honor to plan an inspired bridal shower that she will absolutely love. Too many people throw a bridal shower without an overarching theme, which can actually make the rest of the planning decisions more difficult. Let the bride”s favorite colors, hobbies or style guide you, and the result will be worth it!

Plan a creative menu.

The food you The firm also says it will invest $1mil weekly horoscope scorpio in Pr. serve can really make or break a bridal shower, so skip the traditional tea sandwiches and cookies and go for a more creative menu instead. If the shower is in the morning or early afternoon, create a fun Bloody Mary brunch bar with omelets and waffles, or for a late-afternoon or evening affair, consider a barbeque buffet or Mexican fiesta. If the bride is a big dessert fan, she might prefer a milkshake or ice cream sundae bar with all the fixings.

Carefully consider the invitations.

A traditional bridal shower typically includes all female family members of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, girlfriends, and sometimes even co-workers and close neighbors. If you”re not sure you can (or want to) host such a large group of people, ask the bride if anyone else is throwing her a bridal shower. If she already has a family shower planned, she may prefer that you invite just her girlfriends for a more intimate gathering. Once you finish the guest list, mail out the invitations instead of creating an E-vite, so the bride can hold on to the invitation as a memory.

Skip the generic bridal shower games.

Everyone”s played the typical generic games at other bridal showers, so make this shower special by choosing games that reflect what you know and love about the bride. One great idea is to make a list of fun questions about the bride and, before the shower, videotape her fiancĂ© answering the questions. During the shower, hand out the list of questions and play the video, pressing pause before he answers each question. Have the guests (and the bride!) guess the correct answers and see who comes closest!

Organize a gift-opening time at the shower.

Some hostesses choose to include registry information on the bridal shower invitation, which saves guests time when searching for the perfect gift and ensures that the bride gets what she really wants. When it comes to actually opening gifts at the shower, designate a specific time for this and ensure that it moves smoothly without taking too long. Also, don”t forget to assign someone to record what gifts came from which guest, so the bride knows who to send thank-you notes to.

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