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Budgeting Tips for Planning Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

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13 Apr Budgeting Tips for Planning Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

If you hear the words “destination wedding” and immediately see dollar signs, you’re not alone. A destination wedding definitely seems like a huge expense – the travel, the accommodations, the reception itself, the obligatory after-party – but it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico. Yes, it takes a little extra planning to get your family and friends to the island, but that’s where a Puerto Rico wedding planner comes in. And once you’re all there, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a gorgeous destination wedding without breaking the bank.

Puerto Rico Beach Weddings

If you’re planning a Puerto Rico wedding, chances are you’re wondering how you can have the event of your dreams on a tropical island in the Caribbean without completely blowing your budget or sacrificing style. The good news is, it’s absolutely possible. The following are some budgeting tips for planning the Puerto Rico destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of:

  1. Be flexible about timing. Planning your wedding during a holiday, spring break or another popular time of year could significantly increase the amount of money you’ll spend on your travel and the event itself. Before settling on a date, check Puerto Rico’s tourism site to find out if any major holidays fall on your wedding date, and consider demand as well. For example, getting married on Mother’s Day may not impact your travel expenses, but it may affect the price of flowers or catering due to high demand.
  2. Look for deals on travel. Don’t buy the first plane tickets you find. Start looking at flights well in advance, so you and your guests can get reasonable tickets. That will significantly reduce the cost of your destination wedding.
  3. Travel during the off season. Book your wedding during the off season to save on cost, keeping in mind certain times of year may experience more rain than others.
  4. Create a honeymoon registry. Rather than registering for a new blender or sheet set, create a honeymoon registry where guests can contribute to your flight cost, or fun extra activities while you’re in Puerto Rico. Honeymoon registries are popular for destination weddings and can help put money back into your wedding budget.
  5. Trim the guest list. It’s natural to want every friend and family member to witness your marriage, but destination weddings typically mean shorter guest lists. Keep it intimate with just your immediate family and closest friends, and you’ll spend less money in the long run.
  6. Rely on a local expert to find the best deals. One of the hardest parts of planning a destination wedding is figuring out what vendors to book. Hiring a local wedding planner means you have a professional on your side who has first-hand knowledge of the most affordable and reliable vendors in the area.
  7. Use the island’s natural décor to your advantage. There’s a reason Puerto Rico is known as the “Island of Enchantment.” Its gorgeous beaches and lush tropical landscape make it the perfect destination for a romantic wedding. With the Caribbean island as a stunning natural backdrop, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive flowers and décor.

Plan Your Destination Wedding in PR Today

Planning a Puerto Rico destination wedding on a budget means getting the best deal on your wedding expenses, travel and accommodations, and hiring a Puerto Rico wedding planner can help you avoid spending money where you don’t have to. Visit for more information about beach weddings in Puerto Rico and planning the destination wedding of your dreams.

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