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Choosing Charitable Donations in Place of Wedding Gifts

Trish & Adam

08 Jun Choosing Charitable Donations in Place of Wedding Gifts

donate to ARF or DAR in rincon prFor soon-to-be-newlyweds who already have it all, one of the most generous wedding gifts you can give is a charitable donation to help people (or animals, for that matter) in need. A popular alternative for animal lovers who want to make charity part of their wedding day – or for those who don’t need another microwave or set of dishes – is to encourage wedding guests to give a donation in their name to a charity or nonprofit organization they hold close to their hearts, in lieu of the typical wedding gift. This option is especially popular among couples tying the knot for the second time, who have already had the big wedding with lots of gifts, or for those planning a smaller, more intimate affair.

Nonprofit Organizations in Rincon PR

In Rincon Puerto Rico, animals play a big role in everyday life, and two of the most popular nonprofit organizations in Rincon PR are the Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincon PR (ARF) and Defensa Animal de Rincon (DAR). Both ARF and DAR are dedicated to helping the stray animals of Western Puerto Rico, and by creating a charity wedding registry, including donation information on your wedding website, or asking your bridal party to spread the word, you can receive donations for a cause you really care about, in place of tangible wedding gifts. Keep in mind that some guests will decide to give a traditional wedding gift anyway, and others may opt for a monetary gift, which you can then donate yourself if you so choose.

Donate to ARF or DAR Today

There are more than 150,000 homeless dogs in Puerto Rico, and with only five municipal animal shelters on the entire island – none of which are no kill shelters – nonprofit organizations like ARF and DAR can use all the help they can get. When you choose to receive donations to ARF or DAR in lieu of traditional gifts for your Rincon PR wedding, 100% of the donations go to helping the animals of Puerto Rico directly, covering the high cost of food, medicine, vaccinations and spaying or neutering procedures. For more information about wedding donations, or to make a charitable donation today, see ARF or DAR on Facebook and help make the world a better place one donation at a time.

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