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Choosing the Color Theme for Your Fall or Winter Wedding

10 Sep Choosing the Color Theme for Your Fall or Winter Wedding

September and October are two of the most popular months for weddings, and with September already in full swing, we figured it”s as good a time as any to discuss choosing the colors for a fall or winter wedding. When you look at wedding photos, one of the first things you take notice of is the color theme and how it compliments the season, the bride and groom”s personalities and the overall feel of the couple”s big day. Although you are welcome to choose any colors you want for your wedding (it is your wedding after all!), there is definitely something to be said for doing some research ahead of time. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular color themes for fall and winter weddings.

Yellow, Orange and Red

The most beautiful part of autumn is when the leaves start to change, so many brides choose to incorporate yellows, oranges and reds into their wedding colors. Orange is definitely a favorite color theme for brides planning a fall wedding, and whether you choose to carry dark orange roses, bright orchids or muted orange tulips in your bouquet, the result will be stunning.

Navy Blue, Sapphire or Indigo

Deep blue is a common choice for winter weddings, because it hints at brisk weather and snow and is flattering for any skin tone. Navy is probably the most popular color theme for weddings in November, December and January, but pure sapphire and intense indigo are also great choices.

Chocolate Brown

There are few color themes that are warmer and richer than chocolate, and this dark shade of brown provides a great contrast against a white or light-colored wedding dress. Dress your bridesmaids in chocolate gowns and your fall or winter wedding will immediately take on an air of sophistication and style that will have your guests feeling all warm and cozy.

Emerald Green

Light and dark green is most commonly associated with spring, but emerald green is in a league of its own when it comes to wedding colors and is the perfect addition to a fall or winter wedding. The lively and vibrant color oozes beauty and elegance and will add an element of energy to any wedding reception.

Wedding Colors for Destination Weddings

For future couples planning a wedding for next fall or winter, these suggestions are great options for color themes that will never go out of style. Keep in mind though, for weddings in Puerto Rico and other destination weddings, these color recommendations may not necessarily apply. Orange, navy or chocolate may still work for you, but if the location of your wedding enjoys warm, balmy weather all year round, there”s no reason you can”t choose baby blue, tan and other traditional summer colors for your wedding, regardless of the month. Yet another advantage of planning a destination wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico!

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