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DIY Bouquet Ideas for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

21 Apr DIY Bouquet Ideas for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

Brides are always looking for creative and tasteful ways to make their wedding day unique, and creating a one-of-a-kind bouquet is one of the best (and easiest) ways to do that. Bridal bouquets are typically made using flowers that match your wedding colors, and can include a variety of colorful and sweet-smelling blooms, from roses to tulips, dahlias and more. With spring just around the corner and an upcoming summer chock full of weddings, we have compiled a list of 10 easy steps for creating a professional DIY bridal bouquet for your big day, courtesy of

  1. Select the flowers you want to include in your bridal bouquet.
  2. Prepare the flowers by removing the thorns and extra leaves from the stems.
  3. Make sure you have a long stem to work with; cut the end of the stem at an angle roughly 2 inches from the end of the flower.
  4. Hydrate the flowers by holding the stems under running water, and then leave the flowers in a bucket of water.
  5. Create a base by placing four primary flowers in a square; hold in one hand.
  6. Build the bouquet shape of your choice by adding one flower at a time around the base.
  7. When you’re satisfied with the bouquet design, secure the flowers with twine or string where the stems begin to cluster together – roughly 2 inches from the bottom of the stem.
  8. Cut the stems so they are all the same length.
  9. Cut a ribbon three times the length of the stems, secure one end at the top of the stems, and corkscrew the ribbon to the bottom of the stems and back to the top.
  10. Secure the ribbon by inserting a pin at the base of the flowers, and your bouquet is ready!

Not only can you match your bridal bouquet to your wedding color palette, but you can also create a DIY bouquet inspired by your wedding theme, whether you’re planning a vintage wedding, fall wedding, winter wedding or beach wedding in Puerto Rico. Rincon PR weddings are especially conducive to creating a DIY bridal bouquet, because the island of Puerto Rico is rich with tropical foliage and vibrant flowers like flamboyans, bougainvillea and orchids. If you are planning a Puerto Rico destination wedding, consider using these 10 steps to build your own DIY bridal bouquet!

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