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Emergency Kit for a Puerto Rico Wedding

09 Sep Emergency Kit for a Puerto Rico Wedding

Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Tips & Tricks

So, most brides and planners know to pack and bring a wedding “emergency kit” for all the little things that could go wrong on the big day. I”ll get to a list of those in a minute, but here in Puerto Rico, there might be some things that a regular wedding planner (or someone not used to the tropics!) might forget.

Here are a few of our top emergency items for a wedding day in Puerto Rico:

* bug spray! little buggers are worst May – October, but any time of year they can bite up your bride/groom and guests. A must for a wedding in Rincon PR.

* calamine lotion or caladryl (see above)

* Extra shirt (for the guys): If you”re not used to the weather, it can be quite hot and this means lots of sweat! Some guys may require two or three extra shirts for the special day – one for the ceremony and then you can change out before pictures and another before dinner. If your guy sweats a lot, you can keep a rotating set drying in a room with AC to change out throughout the night. No one likes to see sweat stains in pictures!

* Hankerchief: Keep something on hand to wipe a sweaty brow or touch up before the ceremony and before pictures, if the heat is getting you!

* Extra set of flip flops (for each bride and groom): suomi kasino n parasta antia ovat jackpot-pelit. Even if you”re someone who is accustomed to wearing heels or dress shoes, the humidity can make feet swell and there is nothing worse than not being able to take off painful shoes. Keep flip flops on hand to change into at any time. This goes for guys as well!

* Umbrella: afternoon showers are most consistent May – October, but they can still blow through in the winter. Keep at least one or two umbrellas on hand so at least the bride does not get ruined in the rain – just in case you get surprised!

* Hand held fan: again, keeping cool is important!

* Plenty of water: with stress and lots of action, brides/grooms and guests can get dehydrated and it”s important to drink water (not just rum!)

Some standard wedding kit items that go without saying:

* bleach pen (or similar) for stains

* small bottle of soda water (see stains)

* Alka Seltzer or Pepto

* sewing kit

* sewing scissors

* clear nail polish (if anyone is going to wear nylons)

* advil, ibuprophen (or similar)

* tampons or pads

* white chalk (for masking stains)

* breath mints

* blister protection

* bandaids

For Bride Touch-Ups
1. Blotting papers
2. Cotton swabs
3. Tweezers
4. Emery board
5. Lip balm
6. Tissues
7. Hand lotion
8. Bobby pins
9. Comb
10. Lipstick
11. Powder
12. Small mirror
13. Nail polish in the shade you”re wearing

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