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Five Tips for Choosing a Non-White Wedding Dress

08 Feb Five Tips for Choosing a Non-White Wedding Dress

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With Eduardo & Stephanie

Gone are the days when all brides were expected to wear a traditional white wedding dress; instead, brides today are all about going against the grain and trying something different and fun on their wedding day. In fact, 2014 promises to be a year of weddings filled with playful, vibrant colors, like cayenne, orchid and freesia, even when it comes to the wedding dress. Tropical wedding destinations like Rincon Puerto Rico are especially perfect for non-white wedding dresses, with many brides choosing soft colors like aqua blue or light green to reflect the spirit of a Caribbean beach wedding. Your wedding is, after all, all about you and your soon-to-be-spouse, so if you’re considering changing things up a bit to reflect your unique style and personality, we say go for it! Here are five tips for choosing (and wearing) a non-white wedding dress.

1. Choose a dress that suits the color theme of your wedding. White goes with everything, which means it’s pretty darn easy for brides with white dresses to choose the color theme for their wedding decorations and bridesmaid dresses. For brides considering another shade, however, it’s essential that you coordinate with the overall theme so the different colors don’t end up clashing. For beach weddings, a nice light blue color could be perfect.

2. Pick a color that complements your skin tone. You’re favorite color may be orange, but that doesn’t mean an orange wedding dress is going to go best with your skin tone or the style dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing at your wedding. The most important step in choosing a non-white wedding dress is to review all your options and then decide on the color that looks best on you.

3. Consider your wedding pictures. Your overall wedding look should be classic, not trendy. You don’t want to look at your wedding photos years down the road and wonder what you were thinking when you chose that pink wedding dress. So, when considering a non-white wedding dress, don’t think about what colors are β€œin” right now, but about how you want to see yourself ten years down the road.

4. Coordinate your dress with your groom’s attire. A unique idea that a lot of non-traditional brides choose to incorporate into their wedding is matching their dress to their groom’s attire. For example, if your fiance plans to wear a patterned tie, you could opt for a dress that incorporates the same or a similar pattern.

5. The time of your wedding matters. It may be the last thing on your mind when choosing the color for your wedding dress, but the time of day your wedding will take place should impact your decision. You certainly don’t want to wear a gold or sequined dress for an early-morning ceremony – pale pink or baby blue work best for this time of day – although these bold colors could be the perfect choice for an more formal evening event.

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