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How and Why Couples Choose to Create a Wedding Website

11 Dec How and Why Couples Choose to Create a Wedding Website

rincon puerto rico weddingWith a laundry list of far more important things to accomplish before your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding, some couples don’t see the benefit in creating a wedding website to share with friends and family. There are plenty of reasons why creating a wedding website is a good idea though, beyond just sharing photos of yourselves and your bridal party, along with the story of how you met. If you take the time to put together a clean, simple and informative site with important dates and event details, your wedding website becomes a great tool in getting all the pertinent information about your wedding day out to your guests. Here are the top reasons you should create a wedding website for your destination wedding, as well as some of our favorite wedding website services.

Top 5 Benefits of a Wedding Website

1. Easy access to your gift registry – By including your gift registry on your wedding website, you can make it easier for guests to see what is still available on your list and what has already been purchased. If you have more than one registry, you can direct guests to your wedding website and they can pick and choose what they want to purchase from which registry.

2. Save on printing costs – You’ll be spending enough money on printing your wedding invitations; use the website to post a map and directions to the ceremony and reception, as well as any other important information you can send to guests digitally. You can also use the online RSVP feature on your website, instead of having RSVPs mailed back to you.

3. Stay in contact with guests – Sudden change in plans? Don’t try to call or text every single guest. Simply post the changes on your website and encourage guests to check back often for updates leading up to the big day.

4. Online guestbook – Give your friends and family an opportunity to send you and your future spouse personal messages throughout your engagement. This is especially great for guests who can’t make it to your destination wedding, so they can congratulate you in writing.

5. Eco-friendly – When it comes to planning your wedding, more and more eco-friendly options are available these days. A wedding website allows you to communicate with guests electronically, which significantly reduces the amount of paper waste that results from multiple mailings.

Top 5 Wedding Website Services

1. The Knot – The Knot is probably the most popular wedding website out there, most likely because it’s completely free. The Knot is a great platform for creating a wedding website, but it offers fewer site customization options than other services. The site does, however, allow you to coordinate your theme with invitations that can be purchased on Minted, which some couples find convenient.

2. Wedding Window – Another popular wedding website service is Wedding Window, which charges anywhere from $59 to $99 per year, but also offers a free option. With Wedding Window, you can choose from a variety of features, including online RSVPs, to create the perfect wedding website.

3. Wedding Jojo – Although lesser known, Wedding Jojo is a great service for creating a wedding website. It doesn’t have a wide variety of themes to choose from, but the available options are clean and tasteful. Wedding Jojo charges $14.99 per month, but also has a free option.

4. Wedsite – An easy-to-use wedding website service is Wedsite, which offers a variety of customizable elements at an affordable cost of $49 per year. You can even purchase a unique domain through Wedsite for an extra $19 a year, which some couples prefer to do.

5. WordPress – By far the most customizable wedding website option, WordPress is also the most complicated, since it requires at least some familiarity with web coding. WordPress offers free themes as well as paid options, and virtually all the wedding website features available from other services can be incorporated into a WordPress theme.

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