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How to Choose a Rincon Wedding Planner

24 Apr How to Choose a Rincon Wedding Planner

Finding a Wedding Coordinator in Puerto Rico

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Sarah with a bride and groom

Finding a wedding planner in Puerto Rico can be a challenge, although in the last few years, the popularity of weddings in Puerto Rico has exploded and the choices of Puerto Rico wedding coordinators are expanding. We always find that it’s important to give our brides a few guidelines when they are looking for a planner so that we can be sure that we’re the best fit for them and their day. Most importantly, at All Events, we want to make sure that you have the best wedding day possible, and if that means that we need to refer you to another planner, we’ll be sure to make that recommendation, because we want you to be happy! (although of COURSE, we want you to choose us! ;)

A few things to consider for a Rincon wedding planner:

1. Personality
Being able to ‘click’ with your planner is so important. If you’re an extrovert who wants someone boisterious and friendly then you might want to look for a planner with a similar personality – conversely, sometimes a bride who is a little more quiet might want that big personality in a planner so that she can take charge for her. This all varies greatly with each bride as everyone is unique. And then there’s that mysterious ‘it’ factor – sometimes you just get a long well with someone. If you’re not able to visit Puerto Rico or Rincon prior to your wedding to meet planners in person, then doing a good, long phone interview can be the second best thing. We have brides all over the world and recently we just did Skype video calls with brides in China and Russia so they could see Sarah face to face and make that personal connection.

2. Budget
Everyone knows that when you set a wedding budget you should really try to stick to it because every little dollar over the amount adds up fast! Wedding planning can vary greatly depending on your wedding style and size and how much coordination you need prior to the event. We try to create flexible packages so that we can work within our bride’s budgets to provide them the most ‘bang for their buck’. The best way for us to bid out your wedding is for you to complete our Request a Bid form. That way we can tailor your bid cost to exactly what you’re looking for and ensure that you are getting a full picture of the costs before you commit.

3. Communication Skills
Good communication between brides and planners is essential! You want a planner that will respond to all of the little questions you have in a prompt manner. We take all of our brides questions seriously, no matter how small and there is no ‘stupid question’. We try our hardest to respond the day-of for as many of your requests as possible and we work with vendors who are prompt and timely with their bids.

4. Resources
Speaking of vendors – the power of being a good Puerto Rico wedding planner is all in your vendor list. Our ‘little black book’ is full of the best providers for everything from music to flowers to officiants. We have done all the research and all the leg work to make sure that we only work with the most reliable people. Brides who find that they are trying to plan their destination wedding in Puerto Rico from afar tend to run into stumbling blocks when they are trying to find vendors for things like bands, catering, cakes, rentals, special decor and music. This is where your wedding planner can swoop in and save the day! All Events has been planning weddings in and around Rincon for years and Sarah has the top connections with vendors who will produce quality products at good prices, on time!

If you have any questions about what All Events wedding planners in Puerto Rico can provide for your wedding, just email or call us at any time. We love working with brides to make their destination wedding one of a kind.

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