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Ideas for Including Your Pets in the Wedding Party

25 Nov Ideas for Including Your Pets in the Wedding Party

rincon puerto rico weddingDogs may be considered man’s best friend, but there are plenty of other faithful companions (furry or not) that we hold close to our heart, which is why it’s becoming more and more popular for newlyweds to incorporate their pets into their wedding party. After all, our pets play an important role in our everyday lives, so why not make an effort to include them in the most important day of your life? Here are some great ideas for including your dog, cat, horse, or even your rabbit in your Puerto Rico wedding, and tips to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch!

Ring-Bearer/Flower Girl

The most common roles dogs play in weddings are ring-bearer and/or flower girl. Just remember, some pets may become distracted or nervous around a large crowd, so it’s a good idea to have someone your pet knows walk him or her down the aisle. Just don’t forget the leash!

Grand Entrance

Here’s a great opportunity for you to include your horse or another large animal in your wedding day. For an unforgettable and elegant entrance, gather up your dress, saddle up, and ride him or her into the ceremony!

Guest of Honor

Consider your pet’s personality. If you don’t think you can trust him or her to carry your rings down the aisle, it may be best if he or she simply serves as the guest of honor, standing with the wedding party during the ceremony.

Other Pet-Friendly Wedding Ideas

If your pet is too skittish or rambunctious to actually bring to the ceremony, there are other ways you can include him or her in the celebration:

Table Numbers

For the reception, include a photograph of your pet on the cards that mark the table numbers. It might be a fun idea to have your pet actually wearing a sign around his or her neck with the table number on it!

Wedding Favors/Donations

Some newlyweds choose to dedicate their wedding favors to their beloved pet, giving each guest a bone-shaped treat or making a donation to the Humane Society in honor of their companion.

Tips to Make it all Run Smoothly:

Hire a pet sitter. This is a biggie. None of your guests are going to want to be in charge of watching the dog throughout your wedding, and you certainly don’t want to be preoccupied during the ceremony or reception, making sure Fido isn’t face-first in your wedding cake. The best way to get around this is to hire a pet sitter. It’s a good idea to try someone out in advance of the wedding, to make sure the sitter and your pet get along and to ensure that he or she can handle your dog, cat, horse, etc.

Inform your guests. There’s nothing worse than bringing your four-legged friend to the wedding, only to find out that Aunt Sarah is severely allergic to dogs. Be sure to inform your guests ahead of time that your pet will be present during the ceremony and/or reception so that they can make the necessary preparations.

Confirm that your venue allows pets. While some venues may be pet-friendly, especially if the wedding is outdoors, there are certainly other venues that won’t allow your dog, cat, or other pet inside. Be sure to confirm ahead of time that pets are allowed at your venue so you don’t have to make last-minute adjustments in your wedding plans.

Avoid toxic flowers or plants. Some of the most beautiful wedding-day flowers and plants are toxic to certain animals – namely dogs and cats – including tulips, baby’s breath, azaleas, Easter lilies and Bird of Paradise. Even if your pet is usually well-behaved, there’s a chance he or she may become curious about all the flowers and plants at your ceremony or reception. To play it safe, consider these pet-friendly (i.e. non-toxic) alternatives for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico: roses, orchids, African daisies, snapdragons and Peruvian lilies.

Notify your photographer. Not only do you not want your photographer to become distracted by your pet horse and miss the big kiss, but you also want him or her to be prepared to capture the sweet, unplanned moments, like when your dog jumps up to kiss you during your vows. Your photographer can also help you think of some fun photo ideas with your pet after the ceremony.

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