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Legal Procedures to Obtain Your Wedding License in Puerto Rico

12 Jun Legal Procedures to Obtain Your Wedding License in Puerto Rico

Planning your Puerto Rico wedding should be an exciting and memorable experience, but it can easily become a headache if you aren’t familiar with the legal details regarding destination weddings being held on the Caribbean island. In addition to the usual documents required for a wedding, like the future spouses’ birth certificates, there are a number of other things required from couples planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, particularly if they are not residents of the U.S. territory. We want your wedding day and the months leading up to the big event to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible, so that you can truly enjoy the ceremony and the new life you are beginning with your loved one. For this reason, we have highlighted below the legal procedures necessary to obtain your wedding license in Puerto Rico.

Medical Certificate
To get married in Puerto Rico, both you and your spouse must obtain a medical certificate stating that you have met all the tests required for marriage in your place of residence. Keep in mind that this medical certificate is only valid for a period of ten calendar days from the date of issue. After ten days, the certificate will no longer be valid, and you will have to obtain a new one.

Residency Documents
There are also certain specific requirements for couples who are not residents of Puerto Rico but who want to get married on the island. According to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, if you fall into this category, you must obtain an affidavit stating the following:

• That you are not a resident of Puerto Rico;
• That the purpose of your visit is for marriage, and if a foreign citizen, you will not stay in Puerto Rico for more than what is specified in the permission documents to enter the U.S. territory granted by the appropriate federal agency;
• If the affidavit is written in the United States, it must be accompanied by certification of the corresponding state’s county clerk. If written in a Republic/Sovereign Country, the affidavit must be accompanied by the Apostille seal of the Hague Treaty of 1961.

Photo ID
If you are not a resident of Puerto Rico and you wish to get married on the island, you will be required to submit to the Demographic Registry a valid photo ID issued by the country or state where you reside. This may include a driver’s license, state ID, passport, green card or visa.

Internal Revenue Stamp
In order to get your marriage license in Puerto Rico, you will need to obtain an Internal Revenue Stamp of $20.00 from the Puerto Rico Government.

Birth Certificate
Both people will need to present copies of their birth certificates. Keep in mind, the names of the parties will be recorded as they appear on the certificate.

Divorce Decrees/Death Certificates
If you or your future spouse was previously married, you will need to present divorce decrees from each marriage or death certificates for your deceased spouse(s).

Plan Your Puerto Rico Wedding Today!

After the above documents are submitted to the Demographic Registry, the registrar will examine the documents and affix them to the back of the marriage license. Once all the requirements are met, the registrar will sign and issue the couple’s marriage license, as well as the marriage certificate to be presented at the ceremony. At this point, the couple will be required to review each document, sign the marriage certificate and present it at the wedding ceremony. The legal process required to obtain your marriage license in Puerto Rico is fairly uncomplicated, but it is important that you take note of every document required, in order to make your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding go off without a hitch. With its beautiful beaches and balmy weather, Puerto Rico is one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples around the world, and, after considering the important information above, you can easily plan your destination wedding in Puerto Rico.

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