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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Footwear

17 Nov Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Footwear

rincon pr weddingBrides – one of the biggest mistakes you can make on your wedding day is underestimating the importance of choosing appropriate footwear for yourself and your bridesmaids. Comfort is definitely key, but there are a number of other components that should factor into your wedding footwear choice as well, including color, heel height and formality. For those planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, you are a unique group when it comes to choosing the right wedding footwear, but don’t worry, we have some special tips designed especially for you!

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort…

We know how hard it can be to turn down a great looking pair of heels, but we can’t stress enough how unhappy you and your bridesmaids will be if you’re forced to wear uncomfortable footwear on your wedding day. The right pair of heels should fit comfortably, but not too snugly, and allow you to walk without your heel slipping out of the back. If you’re planning on using a pair of inserts for extra comfort, you may want to consider going a half-size bigger than usual. For beach weddings, many brides choose simple sandals or ballet flats for their bridal party to wear, and it doesn’t get much more comfortable than that!

Goodbye White, Hello Color!

Gone are the days when brides wore strictly white dresses with white shoes and bridesmaids were confined to a shade of ivory. Today’s bridesmaids are stepping out in blue, black and even red footwear, and some brides even choose boldly colored heels to match an accent color on their wedding dress. We love this new trend, because it gives brides the opportunity to incorporate a little pop of color into the ceremony. The most important tip when it comes to the color of your wedding day footwear though, is to make sure that it complements the bridesmaids’ dresses and, of course, your wedding dress too.

What’s the Ideal Heel Height?

Different people have different ideas when it comes to the ideal heel height for your wedding footwear, but we’d like to point out that this also goes back to the importance of comfort. You may sport sky-high heels on a daily basis, but some of your bridesmaids may feel more comfortable in low heels or even flats. One of the great things about having a wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico is that the bridal party and even the bride can get away with wearing beach sandals – no questions asked. In fact, there is a great new flip flop store in Rincon called SabaiTao that offers a variety of fun, funky and classy sandals for any occasion.

How Formal is Your Ceremony?

Rincon Puerto Rico is a pretty laid-back beach town, but we’ve seen brides still go all out with super formal wedding dresses and bridal party attire. If this is the route you want to take, then beach sandals obviously won’t fit the bill. It’s important that your wedding footwear matches the formality and season of the occasion. Even if you want your Caribbean wedding to be a fancy affair, Puerto Rico’s year-round balmy weather means open-toed shoes or strappy sandals could be a good fit. (Plus, you can always keep a pair of flats or flip flops handy so you can dance the night away at the reception!)

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