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Top 10 Tips to “Go Green” for Your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding

04 Jan Top 10 Tips to “Go Green” for Your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding

In most cases, when people think about “going green,” they think about eco-friendly homes, electric cars and energy-efficient appliances. But more and more these days, the “going green” movement is having an impact on weddings, particularly destination weddings in tropical locales like Rincon Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, you only need to picture the natural beauty of the Caribbean island to gain inspiration for your eco-friendly destination wedding, but some people have a hard time translating green ideas into actual wedding plans. Here are some great tips for transforming your Puerto Rico wedding into an eco-friendly affair.

Use tropical plants and driftwood to create unique, eco-friendly centerpieces. There is plenty of driftwood scattered all over the beaches in Rincon, just waiting to be recycled into beautiful, sustainable wedding-day décor. Combine rustic driftwood or bamboo and vibrant flowers for a natural but chic centerpiece at your beach wedding.

Leave a smaller carbon footprint with green wedding invitations. Just think about all the paper you can save by using recycled wedding invitations and programs! Ask your vendor if they can print on recycled paper or if they can recycle the leftover paper scraps. An even better idea: create a wedding website where your guests can RSVP to the wedding, find hotel information and print out their own directions online.

Set the tone by choosing an eco-friendly wedding venue. What better way to express the importance of going green than to choose a location that incorporates the natural beauty of your surrounding environment? Rincon Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and the West coast town also boasts lush greenery and scenic vistas that will make your destination wedding even more special.

Make sure your photographer uses digital photos. This is an easy one, because most photographers already use digital cameras to capture wedding photos. By avoiding film photography, they can skip the wasted paper, harsh chemicals and rolls of film in favor of digital images, and you can choose exactly what wedding photos you want to have printed.

Get your hands on eco-friendly wedding rings. As more and more couples choose to go green for their wedding, jewelers all over the world are also considering their impact on the environment. Many of these jewelers are choosing to use fair-labor gemstones and recycled gold to craft their wedding rings, which means you can have the green wedding you’ve always dreamed of, right down to the rings!

Use local vendors for your wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico. Not only is it great to support the local economy when you’re planning your destination wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico, but it also keeps transportation emissions low when vendors don’t have to travel long distances on your big day. Here at All Events PR, we only use the most trusted wedding vendors in Rincon PR, and can help you find those that fit your vision.

Choose linen cocktail napkins over paper napkins. One of the most environmentally-friendly decisions you can make on your wedding day is to use linen cocktail napkins instead of paper. When you use paper napkins, your wedding planner may have to budget as many as five to seven napkins per person. That’s an awful lot of paper going to waste!

Re-use a wedding dress from a friend or family member. Many brides choose to wear a wedding dress passed down from their mother or grandmother for sentimental reasons, but this option is also a great way to incorporate green ideals into your wedding day. Take the dress to a local seamstress to make it your own and you’ll wear a proud smile when you walk down the isle.

Give your guests eco-friendly wedding favors. Succulents are a beautiful addition to any wedding centerpiece, but they can also make cute and eco-friendly wedding favors. Treat your guests to little potted succulents as a unique and creative way to support the green movement.

Use local flowers and send them home with your guests. For your wedding bouquet and centerpieces, choose vibrant flowers that grow naturally in Puerto Rico, like bougainvillea, orchids, maga or flamboyants. At the end of the big day, send the flowers home with your guests so they can brighten up their own homes with your beautiful blooms!

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