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Top 5 Wedding Apps for Your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding

25 Oct Top 5 Wedding Apps for Your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding

beach wedding altar rincon prPlanning a destination wedding in the Digital Age means easy access to a number of valuable resources chock full of wedding planning tips and organizational tools. Although nothing can take the place of a real-life wedding planner with experience planning weddings in Puerto Rico, there is something to be said for having some of these great apps at your fingertips, particularly when they can take the place of common budget-busters like professional photographers and a wedding band or DJ. These five wedding apps are helpful and customizable, and have virtually revolutionized the way today’s brides and grooms plan and document their ceremony and reception. As they say…no matter what you need, there’s an app for that!

Wedding Snap

When it comes to staying on budget, more and more couples are choosing to ax what were previously known as wedding day must-haves, like musical entertainment and even wedding photographers. Now that most people have iPhones and other smartphones with great cameras, your wedding photos are now in the hands of your guests…literally. With apps like Wedding Snap, you can instantly collect and get access to all of your guests’ photos and videos in a single online album, ensuring that you don’t miss a single moment of your big day. And get this, with Wedding Snap, you can even have the images projected onto a big screen and shared in real time at your reception! Similar wedding photo apps include Eversnap, Wedding Party and BrideBox.


Between getting your dress fitted, booking the venue and hiring vendors, it’s hard to imagine having time to hit the gym and get your body in wedding day shape as well. Well folks, there is an awesome app out there called Fitocracy, which was voted “App of the Year” by Men’s Journal, and was also named Mashable’s Top Innovation in Health and Fitness. The app makes exercising fun and more engaging by allowing you to track your workouts, unlock achievements, earn points and gain access to more than 800 exercises for strength, weight loss and other workout goals. According to those who swear by Fitocracy, the app draws a supportive community of fellow users who can provide motivation and help keep you on track.

Gift Registry 360

We know that things can easily get out of hand when it comes to keeping track of gift registries, especially when there are more than one. Thanks to apps like Gift Registry 360, brides can add any product from pretty much any retailer onto one list with the app’s scan-and-add feature, making it the ultimate universal wedding registry application. All you have to do to add a gift to your registry is scan the bar code with your smartphone and it will instantly update your list, as well as automatically update the individual retailer’s registry. Easy as pie. Another similar app is Registry Love, which allows you to combine all of your gift registries in one place.

Appy Couple

There are plenty of wedding website companies out there, but Appy Couple is one that allows the bride and groom to create a website (and app) that truly reflects who they are as a couple. Even better, once you’ve created your wedding website on Appy Couple, you can plan on the go, keeping your bridal party in the loop and incorporating real-time updates with regards to registry information, transportation and much, much more. You can even distribute mini-apps to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, which detail their individual duties in the weeks and days leading up to the big day! There’s nothing like learning to delegate, right?

Wedding Budget

Okay, here’s a big one. Every couple has a budget they would like to stick to, but all too often, a budget that once seemed reasonable becomes a point of reference that passes by in a blur, thanks to those last-minute additions and unforeseen expenses that can’t always be avoided. With an app called Wedding Budget though, you can organize your spending into categories, like “bridesmaids” and “bridal attire,” which can help you keep track of even the smallest expenses. Wedding Budget allows you to alter your budget when necessary, and will alert you when you’ve gone over. This can help prevent that unfortunate shock some brides experience when they finally find time to check their bank account!

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