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Top 6 Ideas for Unique Wedding Food Stations

14 Mar Top 6 Ideas for Unique Wedding Food Stations

Rincon PR Wedding PlannerHaving a sit-down catered meal at the wedding reception is the perfect choice for some couples, but sometimes it’s fun to kick things up a notch and get your guests involved in the fun with a food station, bar or buffet. Keep in mind, this is also often a cheaper option for those of you keeping a close eye on that wedding budget! Food stations are the hottest new trend in catering these days, and whether you choose to serve the entire wedding meal buffet-style or incorporate a few different stations around the room, there are plenty of options out there to fit any style of wedding. Here are our top six favorites!

Food Stations for Apps, Snacks, Dinner & Dessert

1. Keep it simple with milk and cookies

Whether you opt for a sit-down or buffet-style meal at your wedding, you can balance out the formality of the dinner with a simple milk and cookies bar for dessert. It will bring back fond memories of childhood for your guests and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love milk and cookies?

2. Treat your sweet tooth to a S’mores bar

A step up from the milk and cookies station, a S’mores bar is another great way to treat your guests to a fun, casual dessert following a fancy meal. Another benefit of a s’mores dessert station is that it allows guests to get up and serve themselves dessert whenever they are ready, instead of feeling rushed.

3. Incorporate your wedding colors into a beautiful candy station

Nothing says “best wedding ever” quite like beautiful wedding décor you can eat. And with M&Ms and other yummy candies available in every color of the rainbow, you can set up a candy station that perfectly suits the color theme of your wedding.

4. Go for a casual feel with a yummy fajita buffet

A fancy, sit-down dinner not quite your style? Consider serving your guests buffet-style with a fajita station with lots of different toppings available, where they can make their own creation (and go back for seconds too, if they’re still hungry!).

5. Consider an easy popcorn or peanut snack bar

Popcorn and peanuts are two of the easiest snacks to incorporate into a food station, and there are endless opportunities for creativity with this idea. Popcorn and peanuts are yummy, simple, and guests can even take home any extra snacks in a personalized “goody bag.”

6. Shrimp cocktail station with engraved martini glasses

Another take on the wedding food station is an appetizer bar with shrimp cocktails in martini glasses. Your guests will appreciate the snack while waiting for the main course, and as a bonus, you can engrave the martini glasses with your names and wedding date so your guests will have a permanent memento from your special day!

Choose a Food Station for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s fancy and formal or laid-back and casual, there is a great food station idea out there for you. And for those of you planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, the island’s rich culture and love for authentic Spanish- and Caribbean-style food should serve as inspiration enough. Substitute the shrimp cocktail bar with an empanadilla station at your Rincon PR wedding, for example, or ditch the milk and cookies and treat your guests instead to a station serving traditional flan or arroz con dulce (Puerto Rican rice pudding) for dessert. The possibilities are endless!

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