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Top Wedding Day Catering Styles in Puerto Rico


29 Jul Top Wedding Day Catering Styles in Puerto Rico

rincon puerto rico weddingThere are plenty of important decisions you’ll making while planning your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding, but when it comes down to it, the one thing that can make or break the main event is your choice of catering style. From casual buffet-style to a formal three-course meal, there are a variety of catering options to choose from for your wedding day meal, and your final decision will really set the mood for the whole evening. The following are some of the most popular wedding day catering styles in Puerto Rico, beginning with the most formal option and moving down to the most laid-back catering option.

Plated, Three-Course Meal

One of the most formal and elegant options for wedding day catering is the plated, three-course meal, which typically includes a salad, an entree and a dessert, with vegetarian options available. If you’re planning an elegant destination wedding in Puerto Rico, you may want to opt for a plated sit-down meal, which requires guests to note their dinner choice on the RSVP. This option also requires a seating chart, so keep that in mind.


Family-style wedding dinners fall between the plated option and the buffet in terms of formality. Think “casual elegance” when considering family-style catering for your Rincon PR wedding, an option that is great for rustic, garden, backyard or beach weddings in particular. This style of wedding catering evokes a feeling of gathering around the table for a family meal, and helps generate conversation among guests who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet or talk.

Casual Buffet-Style

Buffet-style catering is a great option because it gives your guests a wide range of choices for their meal, and cuts down on waste, unlike plated meals. Also, by choosing buffet-style catering for your wedding in Rincon PR, you immediately set a relaxed and informal tone for the whole wedding, which will help your guests cut loose and have a great time. Even better, with buffet-style catering, you can sometimes skip the seating chart altogether!

Food Stations

One of the top catering styles for weddings today involves food stations, which are a sophisticated and affordable take on the traditional wedding day meal. By choosing food stations for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico, you can combine the most elegant aspects of a sit-down meal with the best parts of a buffet, to create a stylish and delicious wedding dinner your guests are sure to remember.

Traditional Puerto Rican Pig Roast

Nothing says laid-back like roasting a pig over an open flame, right? One of the easiest and least formal ways to incorporate a little Caribbean flair into your Rincon PR wedding is to feature a traditional pig roast for the main course. You’ll of course want to include at least one vegetarian option for guests unwilling to feast on Puerto Rican léchon all night, but still, the pig roast is a fun and unique way to inject a little Puerto Rican flavor into your big day.

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