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Dancing Away at Weddings in Puerto Rico

20 Jul Dancing Away at Weddings in Puerto Rico

Father-daughter-dance and mother-son-dance don’t have to be an obligation, but they sure have to be special

At most weddings, including the destination weddings in Puerto Rico, wedding traditions play a big role. We know that the first dance is dedicated to the bride and groom. However, this wedding tradition needs to be completed by the father-daughter-dance as well as the mother-son-dance. There are many different scenarios on how to follow this through that it can truly become quite a challenge. An essential point is to choose whether the “ball opening” should only have one additional song for the chosen couples to dance to at the same time, or whether you would like to dedicate a complete song to each chosen couple. You’re probably thinking, how many couples have to be considered at a wedding, THE couple is the bride and groom! You are absolutely correct; however, when it comes to dancing, you also do need to consider: father-daughter, mother-son, bride-father-in-law, groom-mother-in-law, bride-best man, groom-maid of honor, bridesmaids-groomsmen…. And you know I could keep going!

In history the father-daughter-dance was initiated to symbolize the possible last intimate moment that a father would share with his daughter before giving her away. It was a way to say good-bye and thank you at the same time. Trying to follow the etiquette is not always possible though, especially when certain family situations don’t allow it. Feelings can easily get hurt when the protocol does not coincide with your heart. Don’t let yourself get discouraged by any dilemmas, simply pick those persons that have had a big impact and play a major role in your life. At the end it could be your pet! I only said ‘it could’, not should. Jokes aside, it’s important that you feel a bond to the chosen ones. In any case, your wedding planner will be more than adequate to provide advice.

Since feelings will most likely lead you to your decision, the songs should represent the relationship between the dancers. As far as the choice of the songs is concerned, you have free rein to decide who gets to pick them. Again, I’ve said this before and it won’t get old: the only rule that really applies at a wedding here in Rincon is to have fun! Oh yes, and make sure that the guests are invited to join on the dance floor once you’ve finished the dance with your cat!

Favorite Mother-Son Wedding Songs:

–          Blessed – by Elton John
–          Because You Loved Me – by Celine Dion
–          Have I Told You Lately – by Rod Stewart or Van Morrison
–          In My Life – by The Beatles
–          Unforgettable – by Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole
–          I Wish You Love – by Gloria Lynne
–          Through the Years – by Kenny Rogers
–          Can I Have This Dance – by Anne Murray
–          Greatest Love Of All – by Whitney Houston
–          You Are the Sunshine of My Life – by Stevie Wonder
–          I Can See Clearly Now – by Johnny Nash
–          The Rose – by Bette Midler
–          What a Wonderful World – by Louis Armstrong

Favorite Father-Daughter Wedding Songs:

–          Can You Feel the Love Tonight – by Elton John
–          Isn’t She Lovely – by Stevie Wonder
–          The Way You Look Tonight – by Frank Sinatra
–          I’ll Be There – by Mariah Carey or Michael Jackson
–          In My Daughter’s Eyes – by Martina McBride
–          Have I Told You Lately – by Rod Stewart
–          She’s Leaving Home – by The Beatles
–          If I Could – by Ray Charles
–          Daddy’s Hands – by Holly Dunn
–          Times of Your Life – by Paul Anka
–          You Are So Beautiful to Me – by Joe Cocker
–          My Girl – by The Temptations
–          Whenever I See Your Smiling Face – by James Taylor

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