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First Dance Ideas for Puerto Rico Wedding

01 Jun First Dance Ideas for Puerto Rico Wedding

Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Receptions

The first dance at a wedding traditionally marks the beginning of the reception. There is no fix protocol to follow on your own wedding in Puerto Rico, so whether it is before the serving of the wedding feast or after, the most important is to find that special song that means so much for both of you. Sometimes the couple’s song symbolizes what they feel for each other or reflects a special situation during which the song had been played and marked this song for ever. Regardless of having a couple’s song or maybe just choosing a nice song to be danced to as a first dance at your Rincon wedding, it can or cannot require preparation time. It probably all depends on your rhythmic skills and your desire to really put on a show or rather having a slow love song. Planning a choreographic rehearsed first dance can be a fun way to bond with your partner prior to the wedding and can be a great excuse to get a reluctant groom out on the dance floor.

In the past, the first wedding dance was commonly a waltz. No worries, you don’t have to stick with it, especially not in such a rhythmic island like ours. Planning a wedding in Puerto Rico gives you lots of great first dance options to bring out the Latin feel at your wedding. Salsa is truly the music of the island and many brides and grooms choose to do a salsa dance for their first dance. Other Latin dances include Merenge, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba and Paso Doble. Latin dances are great for weddings because they can be both sensual and romantic and/or fun and lively. Many wedding couples decide to have a daughter-father or mother-son dance. This is all up to the wedding couple. Why not have a best friends’ dance? As long as you have fun, everything is allowed!

That is exactly what my husband and I decided to do on our first wedding dance, have fun. Our love and compassion on the dance floor still makes those walls vibrate to this day. Check out the video of my first dance in Rincon PR.

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