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Honoring The Wedding Couple With Those Special Words

05 Sep Honoring The Wedding Couple With Those Special Words

Dos and Don’ts For The Wedding Toast

On such a special day as the wedding day, the couple needs to be honored in a traditional and official manner. What better way to do it then to raise your glasses and speak some memorable words? A toast can lead to an awkward situation and go totally wrong without proper preparation. Therefore, there are dos and don’ts that should be pursued to keep everything in check. Before we get to this, let’s figure out who even gets to go on the mic. Toasts can be held at the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception at your wedding in Puerto Rico.

The MUST speaker is the best man. If you are the one, you won’t get around it, you’ll have to come up with something to say! At rather formal weddings there is also the father of the bride who, as the wedding host, will thank the guests for their attendance. The maid of honor may follow suit and so may the groom to express his thanks. It is important not to have the toasts go on and on and on, you don’t want to bore people and interrupt the music and entertainment for too long. Pick wisely and if it’s just going to be the best man, so be it. The average speech length is 3 minutes. Choose a good time to give a toast, we always look forward to the yummy food, so it’ll probably smart not to let the guests wait before taking their first bite. You can do it after the meal or after the cutting of the wedding cake. A little less formal would be after the first dance. In case there is a toastmaster your Rincon wedding planner, make sure to follow the instructions on when your turn is.

If you are a shy one it helps to practice, then take a deep breath and start it off with who you are and how you know the bride or groom. The excitement sometimes lets you forget about it, but at a larger wedding it’s important to make sure that the audience can understand the relation between you and the couple. Continue with a sweet or fun story about the wedding couple, maybe of what you remember when they first met or how you observed their love for each other. Address the person that is closest to you out of the two with something touching their heart and round it all up by wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness together. And of course, raise your glass; make sure you see that everybody has something to drink in their glass, and “Cheers”!

As promised, here some guidelines for a successful toast: Make it a personal, memorable and fun speech. Don’t intentionally try to have tears rolling… You can design it in a more interactive way by creating a small PowerPoint presentation with pictures. Remember though you should keep this to 2-3 minutes, so don’t pull out a long roll of paper scarring the audience away. Small note cards are ok to keep you going. If you are a very comfortable speaker, well my dear, this is not about you. Don’t overwhelm the guests with any stories focusing on you even if you involve the wedding couple in it. It’s really about them, overall and as a whole. Some people take the toast as a payback time to their buddy mixing in some pretty embarrassing stories, but guess what? This is not the right moment. You might think it’s funny but remember there are the in-laws and grannies and jokes were just told differently back then. What you should not talk about are ex-spouses, past proposals or ex-lovers. The respective spouse might be ok with it, but it’s just not appropriate. At the end, it’s their day and it should only be about them. Avoid telling stories that occurred before the couple was even together, it might feel as some type of separation and the spouse cannot always relate to it. Oh yeah, one last thing, no jokes about divorces please! You might have been married for a long time and find it funny, but in this situation it won’t be. So thank you! All in all follow the rule that my schoolteacher always used to say: When in doubt, leave it out! You were chosen to give a toast for a reason, you have a special relationship to the couple and that’s gonna help you to put the right words together and add on to their special day. So raise your glass, cheers!

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