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Incorporating Flowers Native to Puerto Rico into Your Beach Wedding

20 Feb Incorporating Flowers Native to Puerto Rico into Your Beach Wedding

rincon pr weddingIf you’re planning a beach wedding in Puerto Rico, you’ve already got the “wow” factor that most brides dream of, but why not incorporate some traditional Puerto Rican flowers into the ceremony to make your destination wedding even more memorable? Rincon Puerto Rico is home to a vast array of brilliant, beautiful flora, including flamboyan flowers, orchids and bougainvillea, and by using one or more of these statement flowers in your bridal bouquet or in decorative displays, you can really up the ante at your ceremony and reception. You and your spouse-to-be have already taken a big step by opting for a destination wedding in the Caribbean, so why not infuse a little Caribbean inspiration into your floral arrangement?

Exotic Flowers Native to PR

Anybody can include carnations and baby’s breath in their bridal bouquet, but for a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, colorful flowers native to the Caribbean island can really make a statement. The following are some exotic flowers commonly used in traditional and non-traditional Puerto Rican weddings, and some suggestions to make your floral arrangement truly unique.

Amapolas – Also known as poppy flowers, amapolas are commonly used in bridal bouquets across the island, along with a fan, which is considered a symbol of good luck for traditional Puerto Rico weddings.

Flamboyan flowers – The flamboyan is a much-loved ornamental flower in the Caribbean, known for its “flamboyant” display of bright orange flowers. The flamboyan is considered somewhat of a symbol of Puerto Rico and would make a great addition to a beach wedding bouquet.

Orchids – The orchid family includes a diverse collection of colorful blooms ranging from a light grayish purple to purplish-pink to reddish purple. Puerto Rico is home to a rich variety of orchid flowers, with 143 types of orchids native to the Caribbean island.

The Maga flower – The flor de Maga is the national flower of Puerto Rico, so it would make sense to incorporate the beautiful bloom into your Rincon PR wedding. The Maga is closely related to the hibiscus, but has a saucer-sized flower that typically features a bright pink or red color.

Bougainvillea – One of the most beautiful flowers native to Puerto Rico is the bougainvillea, which can be found in a variety of brilliant colors, including pink, purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow or white. This makes the bougainvillea a great choice for your Puerto Rico wedding, since you can choose the bloom that best suits your color theme.

Heliconia – Also known as a “lobster claw” or “false bird of paradise,” the heliconia flower is a truly stunning bloom with large, colorful “bracts” (flower heads) that grow opposite one another in an oblong shape. If you’re looking for a statement flower that comes in unique color combinations like yellow, orange, red, pink, green, purple, or red, the heliconia could be the perfect choice for your tropical wedding.

Start Planning Your Destination Wedding Now!

With Puerto Rico’s mild, tropical climate, there are a number of beautiful, exotic flowers that flourish on the Caribbean island and would be a great addition to your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding. When planning a destination wedding on a tropical island like Puerto Rico, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a trusted local wedding planner to handle the details of the ceremony and reception, right down to the flowers. Here at All Events PR, we pride ourselves on providing professional wedding planning services and using only the most reliable local vendors, including florists, caterers and photographers. If you are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, contact All Events PR to get in touch with an experienced wedding planner in Rincon PR.

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