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Partial or Full Coordination for Your Wedding in Puerto Rico

01 Nov Partial or Full Coordination for Your Wedding in Puerto Rico

A wedding planner will never let you down

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With James & Justina

The Wedding Day! We like to call it the happiest day of a couple’s existence. However, it can very easily also turn into the most stressful day, if it hasn’t already kicked in months in advance! All this can be prevented, no problem! With a wedding coordinator! That magical person is like a stress sponge, soaking it all up and helping you taking the right decisions.

To hire a wedding coordinator in Rincón/PR can mean two things: a) The wedding coordinator will partially be in charge of planning your wedding in Puerto Rico or b) You book the wedding planner for a full wedding coordination. Now, why should you hire a wedding planner again? Because your wedding coordinator in Rincón is the profi! They specialize in this, that’s what they do for a living. It’s basically as if a wedding planner would successfully get married every other week! They can do everything in their sleep, no doubt. You can fully focus on just being the bride or groom, nothing else! A destination wedding in Puerto Rico needs planning, be it a wedding that has been agreed on a year in advance or a last minute wedding. However, it is up to the wedding couple, how much planning they can handle on their own or even want to handle on their own. Let’s see what works best for you.

A partial wedding coordination is for you if you are eager to be actively involved in the planning, have some time on your hands and possibly already started to contact the first vendors yourself. Maybe you’ve been to Rincón before and found the right connections. Or you even can spare a couple of weeks to come here and meet the vendors in person. The wedding coordinator will be able to supply the vendors contact information, but you will be in charge of choosing them and negotiate the prices. The wedding planner will guide you to keep your budget in check and still make it possible that you’ll have your Caribbean dream wedding. Your Rincón wedding planner will provide extensive support in the last month before the wedding, supervise the wedding day and help you with the protocol. It is key that you have somebody for this role during your wedding day to check on the food, which needs to be in impeccable condition, check that all the suppliers are on time and handle unexpected situations as if they had never occurred.

Choose a full wedding coordination if both partners work full time, have a dog at home, have 10 hobbies and cannot take any time off to plan a wedding. Doing a destination wedding in Puerto Rico requires someone on-site to meet with vendors and verify everything in person. If you can’t have a pre-wedding vacation to fly in, you need a wedding planner with full coordination! You just have so many things on your plate that you don’t even have an idea of what the different tasks entail or what needs to be coordinated. If you’ve worked out a budget for this, just pass on the responsibility and take the weight off your shoulders. The wedding planner has the right resources and will be able to work out better deals with the local vendors for you. Have I already said that you won’t have to move a finger? It’s all from A – Z!

Consider time, stress and budget when taking your decision. But rest assured, the wedding coordinator has the expertise and experience in what works best and can give a special personalized touch if you’ve not been blessed with that creative streak that every wedding coordinator locks up in a safe place at night.

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