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Follow the New Trend on Wedding Menus in Puerto Rico

10 Apr Follow the New Trend on Wedding Menus in Puerto Rico

Food Stations For Your Rincon Destination Wedding

Raw bar station

Everybody knows that the love to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But how do you twist your wedding guests around your little finger? Yes, we are still talking food here. But not just any type of food! We are talking food that will make your wedding guests fall in love with you. Deciding on the perfect wedding menu to please your wedding guests can sometimes become a true challenge. So join Puerto Rico in following the new wedding trend: Food stations! No matter if you are planning a small or larger wedding in Rincon, food stations are the perfect solution to satisfy the taste buds of all your wedding guests. Food stations offer more than just food. They allow your wedding guests to get customized plates, and to sample different foods from various stations in order to find out which one they want to get stuck on. They are for the indecisive ones, who just can’t decide, because everything is so delish! The best part though is that you get your guests to move around and interact with each other. This is the perfect time for the wedding couple to express their thanks to the wedding guests for coming and joining in their perfect day.

Pick your wedding food stations according to your wedding theme. Your Rincon wedding planner will help you to set up the ideal mix of stations. A Rincon destination wedding screams for a raw bar station with all the extremely fresh seafood in Rincon and surrounding areas. Seafood lovers will truly enjoy the variety of oysters, shellfish, shrimp cocktail, sushi rolls and crab salad on a bed of ice and garnished with lemon, seaweed salad, horseradish, cocktail sauce and oyster crackers. In case you need to feed some big guys, the carving station is your number one station. I know this will not attract vegetarians, so please forgive me, but my mouth waters when I think of pork loin, Cajun roasted turkey breast, honey thyme glazed ham, grenadine glazed pork roast, Southwest stuffed flank steak, Texas beef brisket and prime rib (sorry, I had to leave for a sec to inspect my fridge). Another great station to let it all sink in is the fruits and cheese station. Let your wedding guests immerge in the flavor of unique local Puerto Rico fruits and customize an amazing mix of different cheeses with hot artichoke dip and assorted crackers.

The list of food stations for your Puerto Rico wedding is endless:

Sweet station

Mexican station
Paella station
Asian station
Dessert station
Sandwich station
Tapas bar
Mediterranean garden station
Espresso and cappuccino bar
Crepe station

Sushi bar

Pasta bar
Gelato station


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