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Rockin’ before rollin’ on

15 Nov Rockin’ before rollin’ on

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties in Puerto Rico

Good news: Bride and groom, you have done enough planning; this is where you can sit back and have others do the work. Maid of honor and best man listen up, you were not only chosen for the respective roles just to be the main witnesses, but to throw the best bachelorette or bachelor party ever seen! The wedding couple has high expectations, so we’ll give you some ideas on how to knock them off their feet when celebrating “the end of the single era” here in Puerto Rico!

The Caribbean is not only the most wonderful place to get married, it also serves the purpose of having lots of opportunities for a bachelorette and bachelor party in the Rincón area. Whether you decide to take it easy, relax and chill or rather go wild, crazy and get to the point where you won’t remember the previous night, Puerto Rico has it all! Most of what Rincón has to offer can be enjoyed by both parties. It is up to you and your group to make a day thing out of it or focus on the after-sunset-hours.

You can start your bachelor party afternoon with the boys at the golf course at the Punta Borinquen Golf Club and continue the evening with a delicious meaty barbecue and some good amounts of liquid; alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that’s up to you. A very popular option for sea lovers is a well spent day on a fishing charter. Show us that you can get a big catch and we’ll make sure that it will be deliciously prepared for your party afterwards. Splurge and rent one of Rincón’s beautiful beach villas to give everybody the complete comfort package. You’ll be able to fully make use of the pool or you can always move the party to the beach and have drinks and music around a big bond fire. In case you feel lucky, go out to town and throw the dice at the casino in Mayagüez. If you’re more looking for the cherry on top, go to an exotic dance club or invite excellent exotic dancers to your villa. Girls, you won’t come in short here, the same applies to you! There is something for everybody’s eye! But why not let that crazy night start with a relaxing afternoon at a local spa? Let the girls loosen up with a lovely massage, facial or other body treatments. Another fabulous bachelorette party can be brought to you by Pure Romance! Let the bride get ready for marital bedroom stories and invite the successful consultant company specializing in relationship enhancement while educating, entertaining and empowering women. They present to you high-quality bedroom accessories and intimacy aides beyond your imagination. All of this is combined with a party that can be hosted at your rented villa in Rincón and the best thing, it’s absolutely free. The bride will receive a free gift and you can purchase fun items for her and of course for yourself. Enjoy the intimacy shopping spree at your bachelorette party! For more information please visit the Pure Romance website or contact Lizmar M Rodriguez Moreno at 787-930-9718.

Yes, there is a broad variety and I can tell you want to do all of the mentioned activities. Here is where your Rincón wedding coordinator can help you with the organization, all bookings, transportation and anything else you might need to have an unforgettable bachelorette or bachelor party!

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