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The latest wedding trend for 2013: Ombré

04 Dec The latest wedding trend for 2013: Ombré

Let Your Wedding in Puerto Rico Be a Colorful One

Innovation is something beautiful, especially if it is in combination with weddings. Today we are presenting the newest wedding trend for your wedding in Rincón/PR. Ombré!! I know it sounds so close, but this has nothing to do with men. It is indeed a very powerful word coming from the French terminology for a gradual change in shade from light to dark or from one color to another. The great thing about Ombré is that you can apply it pretty much to anything at and around your wedding. It’s classy, yet vibrant and everybody wants it for their big day including recently married celebrities! So why not put some color to it all and let Ombré do the trick?

Start with the selection of a base color for your wedding or even a small set of matching base colors. Each color will have a different effect and will create its own theme. Rincón/PR is the ideal wedding location for outdoor weddings, so how about an aqua base color that will perfectly blend in with the ocean and give your wedding a tranquil and cool vibe? The sand and shell decoration will be a nice balance.
Many women dream of being a princess at least once in their lives. A wedding is the ultimate occasion and there is a color that will support the royalty even more. Purple transitioning into faded pink will underline your femininity and your royal wedding.
Another popular wedding theme that we love and have presented to you before is the vintage wedding. Your colors reinforcing the retro style will be turquoise and deep red or even pink!

No matter which colors you chose for your wedding in Rincón, consider integrating wonderful decoration ideas of natural and popular items found on the island such as the wide range of sea glass colors that you will be able to find at most beaches.
Here are some additional ideas of how your wedding in Puerto Rico can be full of Ombré:

Caribbean flowers have the most wonderful colors! The florists will match up the colors of the flowers  to your overall color pattern and have the aisle flowers in a lighter tone than your bouquet ending with the lightest tone for the flowers on the table.


Ombré can have a big impact on your look. Have your dress going from white to other light layered shades matching the bridesmaids dresses of having each girl using a different color in the same scheme or chose one color and each bridesmaid wears a dress from light to dark. Your nails can be Ombré by applying the shaded effect of one color on all nails or having each nail in a different shade.


Impress with an amazing decoration of Ombré on your tablecloths, chair covers and even tableware!



Last but not least, a feast for the eye will be your deliciously tasting cake fondant in a shaded pattern or have your chocolate fountain go from white over milk to dark chocolate!


No matter how much Ombré you wish to have at your wedding in Puerto Rico, your wedding coordinator will be more than pleased to advice you on the right colors and where the trendy shaded design has the best effect. Look Ombré, taste Ombré, smell Ombré, anything for your Ombré(tic) wedding!

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