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Wedding Planner, Coordinator or Consultant – What is the Best Fit for You?

16 Aug Wedding Planner, Coordinator or Consultant – What is the Best Fit for You?

puerto rico wedding plannersAll any couple wants on their wedding day is for everything to run smoothly, with no last-minute problems they have to attend to and no issues threatening the success of their big day. For some people, that means enlisting the help of a Puerto Rico wedding planner, who will take the reins from the very beginning and see the couple all the way through to the end. Other couples relish having control and want to oversee every aspect of their wedding, and for these couples, a wedding coordinator or wedding consultant may be a better fit. Regardless of how you see your wedding preparation and the main event unfolding – with a wedding planner by your side from start to finish or a coordinator or consultant offering help behind the scenes – All Events PR is your number one resource for wedding services in Puerto Rico.

What is a Wedding Planner?

Imagine picking our your dress, choosing your bridesmaids, writing your vows and walking down the aisle without having to worry about much of anything else leading up to your wedding day and even during the ceremony and reception. That’s what an experienced wedding planner is for! Although the term is often mistakenly applied to wedding coordinators and consultants as well, a wedding planner is a person who will get involved in planning the logistics of your wedding from the very beginning. From the first consultation to the day you say “I do,” a wedding planner will dive in head first and take care of every detail based on your needs – including booking the venue, selecting vendors and creating a detailed day-of timeline – so that you don’t have to. When you hire All Events PR for your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding, you are enlisting the help of a seasoned professional who can guide you through the entire wedding planning process.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

While a wedding planner is a bride’s right-hand man (or woman) from day one, a wedding coordinator does not typically get involved in the actual planning of the wedding. A wedding coordinator is often on-site at the venue, and his or her primary function is to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day itself. In many cases, a wedding coordinator enters the picture a month or so before the big event, so they can gather information about the wedding day and create a timeline of events. A wedding coordinator can help you address last-minute details, contact your vendors to confirm contract obligations, and iron out any other issues in the days and weeks leading up to the main event. Their main job, however, is to run the show on the big day and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

What is a Wedding Consultant?

The terms wedding planner and wedding coordinator are often use interchangeably, which is understandable given their similarities, but a wedding consultant offers a service that differs greatly from the other two. Where a wedding planner is involved from beginning to end and a wedding coordinator lends his or her expertise at the venue on the big day, a wedding consultant offers the couple direction, but does not typically get involved in the planning or coordination of the wedding itself. Wedding consultants generally charge by the hour and can provide brides and grooms with suggestions throughout the wedding planning process. However, they will not be there to help on the day of your wedding like wedding planners and wedding coordinators are.

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