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Who Will Be In Charge? Of The Food…

22 Oct Who Will Be In Charge? Of The Food…

How to Choose the Right Caterer for Your Puerto Rico Wedding

When planning a wedding in the Caribbean everything seems to be so important. And of course it is! Still, there is no way around it: Food is the big thing! It is something that the wedding guests will always remember. They might forget if it rained that day, if the DJ fell asleep or if the bride went missing, but they will never forget the quality, the variety and the presentation of the food. Let’s make sure that your wedding in Puerto Rico is going to be a delicious one!

It might be tempting to have mom cook her home-made traditional feasts, but give her a break. A guest is a guest is a guest. Everybody should have the chance to fully enjoy the wedding. Best bet, a wedding caterer. Before even contacting any caterer, find out if there is a restaurant at the venue location for in-house dining or if you prefer an outside caterer. Either way, simply ask your wedding planner Sarah Rosario in Rincón for support in choosing the right option.

Once you have your answer, your Rincón/PR wedding planner Sarah Rosario recommends the following helpful guidelines:

  • Gather the contact information of various caterers. Make sure to start contacting your favorite ones with plenty of time in advance to set up appointments. Good caterers might be booked out months in advance.
  • Professional caterers will be able to present samples of their most popular dishes in a tasting so you have a chance to evaluate their food before it lands on the plates of your guests. You might want to go with a caterer that can prepare certain types of foods or themes (e.g. vegetarian, Caribbean, eco). Get an understanding of where the best online casinos food will be prepared (on- or off-site) and how fresh it is.
  • Ideally, you will be shown pictures of their recent events in Puerto Rico, which will help you to have an idea of the food presentation and additional details. Inquire some references of past wedding couples who had used their services and might be able to tell you about the execution and the food quality.
  • Find out if the prices are itemized or if there is an all-inclusive flat rate. When it comes to the price it is important to understand if the necessary equipment, the serving staff and gratuity, the tables, linens, chairs, plates and so on are included. In order to avoid surprises the caterer should provide a list of what exactly is part of the package and what will be charged additionally. This will also allow you to know if you need to arrange for linen, table and chair rentals. Your Rincón wedding planner can assist you in this.
  • Another aspect to be considered is whether the caterer will act as a coordinator when it comes to telling the wedding couple when to cut the cake or adjusting the schedule if guests aren’t ready yet to eat. Should the caterer not cover this role, make sure your wedding planner will, or find a responsible person to lead.
  • The wedding couple also needs to ensure that there won’t be a long wait between servings, that the serving personnel is experienced and efficient and wears adequate attire.
  • Last but not least: Will the caterer provide alcohol or do you have to arrange for a bar service separately? If you do, don’t forget to book ‘The Perfect Pour’ for your event in Puerto Rico for the ultimate bartending experience!

Overall evaluate if the caterer meets all your requirements and if the price is in balance with the quality and the provided service. And voilá, you’ve just chosen your wedding caterer.

Curious about how the food can be presented to your wedding guests? Patience my friends, this will be shared in the coming blog entries.

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