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Best Food Trucks and Tips for Your Rincon PR Wedding

29 Apr Best Food Trucks and Tips for Your Rincon PR Wedding

rincon pr wedding planningFood trucks are all the rage these days, and delicious food trucks of all kinds are popping up all over the place – on the side of the road, at festivals and events, and even at wedding receptions. While food trucks are known to serve up quick, easy meals for cheap, there are plenty of food trucks in Rincon PR that really up the ante and deliver some of the best and most affordable food on the West coast. In fact, some believe that the food truck phenomenon that has swept many parts of the United States in recent years actually started right here in Puerto Rico, where some of the best empanadillas, pinchos and other tasty fare is prepared within the four tiny walls of a food truck.

For soon-to-be-married couples looking for that little something extra to make their wedding a special affair, booking a food truck instead of a traditional wedding caterer could be just the ticket. Wedding food trucks are the next big thing for couples looking for simple, creative ways make their wedding day an event to remember for both them and their guests, and with the wide variety of food trucks in Rincon PR, the options are nearly endless. From fish empanadillas to pork pinchos, delicious Thai stir fry and eggplant parmesan, food trucks offer a range of different dishes so you can pick the one that matches your taste and style. There are a few things you should consider though, before booking a food truck for your Puerto Rico wedding, in order for your wedding day to go off without a hitch.

Best Wedding Food Trucks in Puerto Rico

There are three food trucks that we love to use for destination weddings in Puerto Rico, including The Wok, I Love Tacos and Carbon Express.

- The Wok is a tiny food truck located in Rincon PR that serves up mouth-watering stir fry comparable to some of the most popular Thai and Chinese restaurants in town. The Wok may be small, but it delivers a big taste that will have your wedding guests begging for seconds.

- I Love Tacos is a great little food truck in Aguada PR, just down the road from Rincon, where you can indulge in excellent Mexican fare, including tacos and nachos, for a great price.

- Carbon Express is also located in Aguada, and boasts some of the best BBQ you’ll find on the West coast of Puerto Rico. From delicious spare ribs to tasty chicken, pork chops and homemade sofrito, this BBQ food truck is a great choice for any Rincon Puerto Rico wedding.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Food Truck

Consider the season.

Summer may seem like the best time of year for a wedding food truck, but summer in Puerto Rico is actually quite hot and rainy. For those couples planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, the best time of year for a wedding food truck would actually be winter, which is the island’s cool, dry season. If you’ve already planned a summer wedding in Rincon PR, look for a food truck that serves up snow cones or ice pops as well, to keep your guests cool in the heat and humidity.

Keep the menu simple and straightforward.

Food trucks are great because they typically offer a few different food options that they make really well. If your wedding food truck boasts a large menu, you may want to consider streamlining the menu and offering just a few options for your guests to choose from (including at least one vegetarian), to making ordering easy and to keep the line moving.

Make sure there’s enough food to go around.

The reason why food trucks are such a mainstay at big events and festivals is because they can feed a lot of people quickly. Still, it will take some time for all of your wedding guests to get through the line and get their food, so it’s important to do the math beforehand. Plan on having one food truck for roughly every 75 guests, so you can keep the lines short and your guests full and happy!

Hire a wait staff.

Chances are, your wedding food truck with have just one or two people manning the grill and serving your guests. It may be a good idea to see if the food truck will let you hire servers to pass out the dishes so your guests can sit down and enjoy their food, instead of trying to eat while standing up. This also prevents guests from hanging around the food truck window and clogging up the line.

Use disposable dishes.

If you’re hiring a food truck for your Puerto Rico wedding, why not stick with the same fun and casual theme by using disposable dishes, food baskets and silverware? Not only is this cute and far less formal than chinaware, but it also means you don’t have to rent plates and silverware, which can be a major wedding expense. Use recyclable dishes and you’ll be helping the environment at the same time.

Food trucks aren’t just for the main course.

If you’re unsure about hiring a food truck for the main course at your destination wedding, consider booking a late-night truck that serves ice cream, pie or another indulgent dessert instead. This way you can serve a more formal main course, your guests can enjoy a delicious dessert on the go after a night of fun, drinking and dancing, and you still have that unique factor that makes your wedding day extra special.


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