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Cake Pops for a Puerto Rico Wedding

07 Feb Cake Pops for a Puerto Rico Wedding

Rincon PR Wedding Cakes

If cupcakes were the hot new trend in 2010-2011, then we think ‘cake pops’ are going to “take the cake” (*haha*) for 2012. Even in Puerto Rico, this fun and whimsical way to display and serve your wedding cake is becoming a hot item for brides. Imaging a cake lollipop with tasty frosting, soft cake interior and some sort of yummy filling or designs and that’s a cake pop! You can display cake pops in all sorts of fun and creative ways and if you want to keep a tropical feel, we’ve got great ideas for making cake pops feel like the islands.

No reason why you can’t do a sweet rum cake pop or other tropical fruit flavors and colors such as pineapple, guava, mango, passionfruit or tamarind. Take a whole pineapple and stick the bottoms of the cake pops into the fruit for a stunning display that still screams “island wedding!”.  All Events wedding planners in Puerto Rico work with only the best cake bakers and decorators to ensure that you get tasty, stylish and ON-TIME wedding cakes or cake pops!

Pineapple Cake Pops! Photo

In writing this post we came across some pretty funny and out-there cake pops – generally I think it’s best to save the really wacky stuff for a fun birthday or other special event, but if you’re a bride and groom with a good sense of humor who likes to make an impression, you can get really creative with your island-inspired cake pops (mustache cake pops anyone?) for a Rincon PR wedding.

Display the cake pops on top of a small wedding cake to make for an easy way to serve (no messy cutting for the catering staff and less waste/dishes from cake plates) or make the cake pops the whole affair and pile them on a cupcake tray or other multi-teired display for a dessert table that is truly stunning (they also go really great on a sweets station).





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