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Head Table, Family Table, Sweetheart Table or Party Table?

17 Sep Head Table, Family Table, Sweetheart Table or Party Table?

rincon pr weddingOne of the most important decisions you’ll make for your Rincon PR wedding is where everyone will sit during the course of the reception. Unfortunately, the seating arrangement is also one of the details most likely to give you a headache, especially if there are certain people who can’t (or won’t) sit at the same table. There are a number of seating options to choose from though, and while the “head table” is the traditional approach, there is also the sweetheart table, the family table and the party table to consider – all of which are popular. Learn more about these seating arrangement options below before choosing what works best for your Puerto Rico wedding, and consider consulting an experienced wedding planner to determine what layout works best for your venue.

The Head Table

The head table is typically a long, narrow table set up as the focal point of the room, with everyone sitting on one side of the table facing the room, and the bride and groom sitting next to one another at the center. Because the head table is long, it provides a large focal point at the head of the reception room, and allows the bride and groom to talk comfortably with their best man, maid of honor and the rest of their bridal party. Remember though, that typically, only the bridal party sits at the head table, which means they may not be able to sit with their significant others or families. Compared to the sweetheart table, the head table can make the bride and groom more approachable since they are not sitting at a table all by themselves. Also, since the head table is a popular seating arrangement, your venue should have no problem accommodating your request.

Family Table

Also sometimes called the harvest table, the family table is a rectangular table larger than the other tables in the room, with the bride and groom seated at the head and family members seated all around, instead of just on one side. If you have a bridal party, they would be seated at the harvest table, but it can be called the family table if it is family members and significant others only. For smaller receptions, the family table can be scaled down to take up less space. This is a popular option, especially for newlyweds who want to include brothers, sisters and grandparents in the special seating arrangement, or whose family members traveled a long distance to be at the reception.

Sweetheart Table

Another popular seating arrangement is the sweetheart table – a small table placed in a focal point of the room, at which only the newlyweds sit. This is the simplest option and also allows the bride and groom to have time to themselves to talk during the reception, especially while eating. Because the sweetheart table is small, compared to the head table and family table, the newlyweds may feel less “on display,” and the bridal party will have the opportunity to sit with their significant others or families as well.

Party Table

A party table is exactly what it sounds like – a main table at the reception that seats the bride and groom and their wedding party, except this time, the table is usually round. This is a great option for newlyweds with small bridal parties in particular, because it creates an intimate atmosphere and allows everyone to interact easily, compared to a long rectangular table. The party table doesn’t put the newlyweds and bridal party on display as much as a head table, and allows the maid of honor, best man, groomsmen and bridesmaids to sit with their significant others. Some people choose to combine a sweetheart table and party table, with the newlyweds sitting on their own at a small table and the bridal party sitting together at a larger round table.

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