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Puerto Rico Weddings: Post-Dinner Snacks

30 Dec Puerto Rico Weddings: Post-Dinner Snacks

Traditional Puerto Rican After-Dinner Treats

Just when your guests think your Rincon Puerto Rico wedding couldn”t get any better, surprise them with a tasty and traditional Puerto Rican treat after their dinner. You can get empanadillas or pinchos pretty much anywhere in Rincon, and they are the perfect late-night snack after a Caribbean wedding reception (especially for those guests who have frequented the open bar). Although they are just two possible examples, both pinchos and empanadillas are You will have 60 days to obtain this credit rating agencies report. inexpensive and authentic Puerto Rican treats that are sure to delight your guests!

Empanadillas are a great option for a post-wedding dinner snack, because they come in a variety of flavors for all different tastes. You can find empanadillas stuffed with chicken, pork, or even just rice and beans for vegetarian guests. Pinchos may offer less variety, but they are still delicious! Other ideas might be to offer guests stuffed fritters, or even tostones, which are yummy Puerto Rican fried plantains.

Guests attending Puerto Rico weddings love having the opportunity to try traditional foods and activities. Surprising them with authentic snacks from a Rincon PR caterer after their meal is an easy and fun way to give your guests a taste of Rincon without breaking the bank. The new and unexpected is often the most enjoyable, especially when it comes to food!

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