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Puerto Rico Weddings: Choosing a First Dance Song

22 Sep Puerto Rico Weddings: Choosing a First Dance Song

Rincon PR Wedding Details: First Dance

Every bride imagines dancing that first dance with their new husband, and one of the biggest decisions for the wedding day is choosing a first dance song. Everyone’s taste is very specific when it comes to something like this, so this is a very personal decision for brides who have weddings in Rincon here with us. Some like to keep it upbeat with Latin music (salsa or merengue), some prefer something very sentimental or classic and some like to jazz it up with a routine they prepare in advance (we’ve seen it all here!).

I love music, so I thought I’d include a few of my favorite wedding songs in a playlist here for you – these are songs that I’ve seen at weddings or that I simply think are pretty for a special day. If you’re looking for a music, musicians or bands for weddings in Puerto Rico, we can help you find that perfect fit for your wedding. Puerto Rico bands offer everything from rock to reggae to salsa, so we’re sure to find something great for your wedding day.

Here’s also a great list of “wedding songs that haven’t been done to death” – good, unique suggestions!


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