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Popsicle Treats for a Rincon Wedding

17 Sep Popsicle Treats for a Rincon Wedding

Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

I came across this idea for wedding favors or desserts and I thought that it could be great for a Rincon wedding or Puerto Rico destination wedding: custom popsicles! After a warm ceremony in the sun or a sweaty night of dancing at the reception, a cold wedding popsicle, custom designed to fit your theme is a refreshing and unique idea. To go along with a Puerto Rican wedding theme, or in keeping with the island flair, I would recommend designing a popsicle in local fruit flavors such as guava, mango, papaya, passionfruit, tamarind, pineapple or coconut (or any combo of the above). You can match the flavors of the pops to the colors of the wedding and choose to add rum (or not) casinovern to your liking. Of course, in our hot weather, the pops would require a little bit of careful coordination with your caterer or servers, but if they can be kept in a freezer right up until serving, I imagine this idea working just fine in Rincon PR. Popsicles could be served immediately following a ceremony at sunset or mid-day, or at the end of the night after everyone works up a thirst moving on the dance floor.

You could even customize the popsicle stick with a cute message or the name/initials of the bride and groom and it could double as a small favor!

Here”s a pic of some custom wedding popsicles – obviously in Puerto Rico, you couldn”t have them displayed all night (for fear of melting), but, you get the idea. I would also steer away from chocolate and just keep with the fruity – to avoid melted chocolate all over everyone”s hands and clothing.

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