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Vintage Beach Weddings in Puerto Rico

03 Feb Vintage Beach Weddings in Puerto Rico

Unique Rincon Pr Weddings

A vintage wedding may not be the first concepts that comes to mind when you imagine a wedding in Puerto Rico, but it is an excellent way to marry (no pun intended) the elegance of the Spanish heritage in Puerto Rico with the natural beauty of the island surroundings. Vintage weddings are trending right now across the states, and with the right touches a wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico can have a beautiful vintage feel. Traditional Spanish wedding items such as lace veils or silk fans with lace touches all throw back to the colonial times and Puerto Rico’s first beginnings.

In this beautiful wedding image, you can see the 20’s inspired sheath dress with loosely looped pearls and the birdcage veil (set on a casual island-like updo), the fedora and white linen button up on the groom (a very Cuban/Latin island feel), and the chandelier style table setting with dripping crystals, hydrangeas and white candles.  This is a Rincon wedding image!  Taken by and hosted at Caracol Che luxury villa in Rincon – the surroundings are ever tropical and they match the vintage style to perfection.

rincon puerto rico wedding


To create a vintage beach wedding or a vintage inspired wedding in Rincon PR, you can borrow traditional items such as brooches, lace, headpieces and whimsical treats to inspire the retro feel. Hot vintage wedding items lately include birdcage veils which work great in a warm climate such as Puerto Rico. Fedoras look great on the guys and give you both that Cuban/Spanish feel as well as the early vintage look. Even a small change such as a vintage-inspired pattern on your hanging lanterns can give the wedding a small touch that sets it apart.  It is possible to have wholesale flowers delivered to Puerto Rico, so if you are looking for a traditional flower such as a white rose, baby’s breath or some other floral arrangement that gives the wedding an old-fashioned feel, it is no problem in Puerto Rico.  A talented florist will be able to work with your vision an order or arrange flowers that will compliment the look and feel.

A great Puerto Rico wedding planner such as All Events will be able to point you in the right direction for vintage items that will work well within the local environment and setting.

Check out a few of our favorite images below for some inspiration.

puerto rico wedding ideas

vintage wedding veil in puerto rico





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