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First Dance Ideas for Puerto Rico Wedding

Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Receptions The first dance at a wedding traditionally marks the beginning of the reception. There is no fix protocol to follow on your own wedding in Puerto Rico, so whether it is before the serving of the wedding feast or after, the...

The Boricua Flashlight: Cool Island Wedding Favors

Decor and Favors for a Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding If you"re looking for something so cool and island-y that your guests are sure to never have seen it before, check out the "boricua flashlights", handmade right here in Rincon. Our friend Chris Gallagher makes all of...

Puerto Rico Wedding Reception: Cigar Bar

Don't Forget the Groom! Manly Ideas for the Reception Ok, we agree that the wedding day really is all about the bride. But! Don't forget to add a little something extra in there for the guys. They work hard to get to this day too, and...