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Help Puerto Rico Families in Need this Holiday Season by Donating to a Good Cause

toys for the kids of PR

27 Nov Help Puerto Rico Families in Need this Holiday Season by Donating to a Good Cause

It has been more than a year since Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore across Puerto Rico, killing thousands and devastating hundreds of thousands more, and many families in the mountainous regions of the island are still without reliable power, water or food, living in storm-battered homes where storm surges pushed a mix of seawater and sewage into living rooms – six feet high in some places. Many of these families have relied a great deal on volunteer groups, local churches and other local aid to help them recover from what is known as the worst natural disaster on record to affect Puerto Rico, but more than one year later, their living conditions are still deplorable. With the holiday season right around the corner, now is as good a time as any to do your part to help these families.

About Sister Juliana’s Campaign

In Maricao, a small coffee-growing town in the heart of the mountains that extend to the west-central part of Puerto Rico, Sister Juliana is doing her part to raise funds for families in the mountainous regions of Puerto Rico, where children are unlikely to receive gifts for Christmas this year. Sister Juliana lives in a convent in Maricao and helps many families in need, organizing community events, summer camps for children, cooking festivals and other activities to raise funds for various causes, and she recently started a GoFundMe campaign for Puerto Rico families struggling to pick up the pieces after last year’s hurricanes.

Helping the Children of Puerto Rico

Sister Juliana has already raised several hundred dollars for families in need in the mountainous areas of Puerto Rico, but her ultimate goal is to raise $10,000. With the funds, she and those who created the campaign with her will distribute toys and gifts for the children of Puerto Rico at Christmastime. Sister Juliana believes that all children should receive a gift for Christmas, and she is determined to make this happen for the kids of Puerto Rico.

Make Your Own Donation Today

Coverage of the havoc that Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked on Puerto Rico may have died down since the disaster first struck in September 2017, but the island and its people are still in need of help. Even with government assistance and local aid, hundreds of thousands of people across Puerto Rico are still homeless or living in unsafe homes in desperate need of repair. Visit Sister Juliana’s GoFundMe campaign here, learn more about her story and how she plans to help the children of Puerto Rico, and consider giving to Sister Juliana’s cause. Whatever amount you are able to donate – $5, $50 or $100 – every little bit counts. And when these children find a gift waiting for them under the tree at Christmas, they will surely thank you.

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